Mobile Home Parks

Manufactured Home Communities are known by different names to different people. Truth be told, there is a full range of communities that exists from the 1960's trailer park, to the 1970's mobile home park, to the 2000's modern manufactured home community; or as some like to call it, the land lease community.

MHC's have become the darling of the investment world because of their stable income, low ratio of employees to revenue and sites, and strong demand for affordable housing.

At Yale Realty & Capital Advisors, we have brokered and financed all of the above and realize that there is merit and a model for each type. Some investors prefer to own all the units and rent them for a premium of the income they receive in addition to the lot rent. However, most investors today understand that the land lease concept provides the least hassle and is the best for building a portfolio of investment grade properties. With that being said, there are regional nuances that may drive investors to one model or the other.

Yale Realty Advisors focuses on sales of $2m or larger with a typical deal in the $5m range, while many sales are in excess of $10m. Yale Realty Advisors has offices serving the West Coast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic/Northeast, and Florida. We can also advise, add significant value, and assist with a completely confidential sale on communities of over 200 sites nationwide.

Yale Capital Advisors arranges the financing of communities nationwide where the loan size is at least $750k with the ability to facilitate loans in excess of $100m.

Our track record is very strong adding 10% or more to a seller's bottom line by doing a full valuation and analysis, then determining who is missing from the bidding table that is the most aggressive buyers for this type of asset.

Please contact an advisor on our team to discuss your buying criteria or potential interest in sale.