RV Resorts

There are a full range of RV related properties from Campgrounds to RV Parks to RV Resorts. Woodall/Trailer Life has built a comprehensive rating system, which relies on a three different numbers on a 1-10 basis based on facilities, cleanliness/characteristics, appeal/quality of environment. See the following link for a more thorough explanation:

Good Sam Camping  

Having sold or financed some of the largest and most prestigious RV Resorts in the US over the last 10 years, Yale is uniquely positioned to understand, package and underwrite RV properties in order to maximize their value. We have literally done hundreds of millions in volume in this unique niche and have experience in all facets, from ground-up development, to refinancing all rolling-stock properties, to sale of hybrid MH/RV properties.

Yale Capital Advisors finances RV properties nationwide where the loan size is least $750k. Yale Realty Advisors focuses on sales of $2m or larger with a typical deal in the $5m range and many sales in excess of $10m. Yale Realty has offices serving the West Coast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic/Northeast, and Florida. We can also advise, add significant value, assist with a completely private sale, on communities of over 200 sites nationwide.

More than almost any other asset class, RV Resorts take an in-depth understanding and specialization to properly value, market and sell. Contact us today for any RV Resort need on projects of $2m or more in gross value.