MHI Awards


At Yale Realty & Capital Advisors, our goal is to net our client more with no surprises. We confidentially expose your property to 300-500 pre-qualified and highly interested parties, including the ones that contact you directly. By allowing our firm to structure a multiple bid process on your property, we ensure that you will get top-dollar from the buyer. We take pride in building relationships with owners across the country in an effort to assist them with the strategic implementation of strategies that affect their bottom line. From marketing, advertising, park / tenant policies, and related operational expenses, we can help you identify areas of your park's operation that are under performing. We often begin working with clients who are interested in selling or obtaining financing and come to the realization that the asset is not ready for either, due to the desired terms for the aforementioned. We continue to work with our clients until the asset predicates a specific asking price or qualifies for a desired level of financing. We are highly motivated to bring you the best deals and terms, while always acting in your best interests.


Yale Realty's foundation for selling Mobile Home Communities and RV Parks is based on an off market disposition process that involves preregistered buyers. By allowing us to structure this multiple bid process on your behalf, you obtain better offers than if you were to market your property publicly with a single broker or on your own. Our buyers are real, and when they make an offer for your property, it is based on the valuation backed by a detailed underwriting process that consists of a thorough analysis of the assets historical performance, potential future value of rental and land , market conditions, and many other contributing factors that are often not realized by other brokers that are not specialists int he space. Our focus and specialty since inception has been to save our clients' money by eliminating typical surprises and renegotiating that often plagues or prevents transactions from closing, after a due diligence period.

Yale advisors promise

Yale Realty & Capital Advisors business and services have been designed to ADD VALUE. Thus, the firms' success has always depended upon Yale and its professionals delivering results for its clients. Thus, our compensation for services is only realized when you benefit from our services through the sale or financing of a property. We prefer to work and serve our clients in this fashion, as we are in the business of winning your business! This policy ensures that we are highly motivated to bring you the best deals and terms; while always acting in your best interests.