We offer 3 Consulting services

We take pride in building relationships with owners across the country in an effort to assist them with the strategic implementation of strategies that affect their bottom line. From marketing, advertising, park / tenant policies, and related operational expenses; we can help you identify areas of your park's...


This is a service offered to any potential clients who want to leverage our experience and technical financial expertise to deliver the current market value of their real estate assets. This is the first step for us in evaluating any property, and our high-quality staff utilize all their experience and knowledge to deliver the most realistic value of any property.

Efficiency Review

Through our multiple years of experience, we have been able to identify areas in which management can be streamlined and operating expenses can be lowered. We aim to advise our clients on the best ways to increase the bottom line of their commercial properties. We achieve this by analyzing several areas including but not limited to marketing and branding, labor expenses, management structures, and utility expenses. Our goal is to lower your expenses while maintaining your income stream and to effectively increase the bottom line on your property.

Value-add Consulting

Our brokerage division has more than 75 years of experience and billions in sales; we know what it takes to increase the value of a commercial property. We recognize that every commercial property is unique and requires attention to property characteristics and amenities as well as market conditions in order to give the counsel that will help you improve the value to your property.


Not only did Mr. Cook locate the community for us, he helped in negotiating the final deal. After the contract was signed, and right up to the closing, he stood up for both the buyer and seller by helping us with every detail and even arranging our financing. He was the cog in the wheel, which made it all happen.

Kurt – Investor

I’ve been a professional real estate investor for 45 years… In my years of dealing with real estate agents and mortgage brokers, I have never come across such an energetic, honest, hardworking, professional as James Cook. I would recommend James to anyone.

Owen – Investor

It was your constant efforts and professionalism that saw the sale through a slow economy to find us a suitable qualified buyer for the park.

David – MHP Owner

From our first meeting to the final transaction, you provided accurate financial advice and honest feedback from qualified buyers. Your brokerage skills combined with your industry knowledge and contacts created the exposure necessary to properly market our community. Most importantly, I believe your personal integrity made a real difference… I chose to work with you because I was confident in both your ability and honesty.

William- MHP Managing Partner

Our experience with James Cook was a complete reversal of past experiences… Mr. Cook was honest, direct, and provided precise detail in all aspects of our sale. It is our opinion that Mr. Cook’s integrity and professionalism is without peer.

Jack & Katherine – MHP Owners

Your ability to see the potential in our business and accurately assess and represent its current value was vital in marketing us to potential real estate investors. Your business acumen helped us get the best value for our property…your professionalism throughout was highly impressive and appreciated.

Mary and Klaus- MHP Owners

James handled all my requirements, and in a few short months, my park sold for exactly the amount that I had required. No deviation. James is far above, “head and shoulders,” any of the other people I had come to “help” me sell my park. He is far beyond his years in both his knowledge and professionalism.

Theodore – MHP Owner

Your firm made a comprehensive and thorough analysis of my park’s income and expenses and provided a credible valuation, which was helpful in determining a fair value. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You are an honest, hard-working individual.

Doris – MHP Owner